A Comprehensive Guide to Awnings

Date: December


Ever wondered if your outdoor living could be enhanced? Without even realising, you’ve probably considered awnings. 

They’re an external window covering that extends from the facade of your home. We offer a full range of awnings from cassette to folding arm, with the option for all of them to be automated.

The Benefits of Awnings

Whether it’s your home or your business, awnings have a wide range of benefits.

  • They block out the sun and rain, but not the view! This means you can still get the most out of your window without obstruction.
  • Reduce cooling costs as keeping the sun off your windows reduces the heat coming into your property.
  • Protect furniture from sun damage. There’s no need for your new outdoor couch to not last the test of time.
  • Extend your outdoor space, whether for a party, opening up your business or for a conservatory, you’re able to capitalise on the space you have.
  • Make a great first impression and increase the value of your home with a style chosen to suit your home’s facade.
  • Choose from canvas, acrylic and sunscreen fabrics.
  • Simple installation by our experienced installers who are trained by the manufacturer.
  • Reduce annoying glare.
  • Minimise muddy footprints by keeping your entrances dry when it rains.

Why Automate My Awning?

As we mentioned, all of our awnings can be automated. This means a motor is installed in the awning to save you from having to manually pull it out.

With our partner Somfy we are able to motorise all of our awnings, and make the most of these benefits:

  1. Convenience. With just a touch of a button, your awning can move into whichever position you’d like. Sensors and timers work to move the awning even when you’re not at home. They can also be controlled from a mobile, device, or using a Voice Assistant, creating a truly modern automated home
  2. Energy Efficiency. We already know the benefits of external window coverings minimising the heat and light entering your home, but imagine if you could automate the awning to shade your window at the same time every day?
  3. Longer Lifespan. Somfy’s smooth and controlled operation of awnings ensures a longer lifespan of the product. Manual operation can cause damage through excessive force or improper use. 
  4. Safety. Be rid of the need for loose cords and chains that can pose a danger to young children. Automated awnings create a safer environment. 
  5. Quiet and subtle. Somfy motors are fully concealed within the awning, creating a sophisticated look. Your guests will be impressed with the smooth automation and you don’t have to interrupt the party to manually pull them out. 

How to Choose

You might be wondering—how do I go about choosing from the array of awning options? We’ve put together some scenarios to point you in the right direction.

Scenario: A minimalist modern house and the need for simplicity. 

Solution: The Kubata Folding Arm Awning has a cubic design and is perfect for a contemporary home.

Kubata awning

Scenario: A home in need of wind protection, to cover a large area and to look stunning. 

Solution: The Plaza Viva is the ideal choice for a sophisticated covering of up to a massive 30 square metres. Its stability makes it favourable for windier areas, plus it can be enhanced with telescopic poles for water drainage and vertical awnings to cover the front and sides.

Scenario: Creating a liveable outdoor conservatory.

Solution: Adding the WGM Top to your Plaza Viva protects your glasshouse room from sun, glare and heat.

plaza viva awning with WGM top

Scenario: Seeking a timeless design and only want the best.

Solution: You can’t look past the Opal II Cassette Awning for sophistication. Designed to handle large areas and elevate any home’s facade, this awning is engineered for elegance. 

opal awning

Scenario: Looking for a quality awning on a tighter budget.

Solution: Favoured for its price without skimping on the quality, the Topas Open Arm Awning is a popular entry-level, reliable choice.

topas awning

Scenario: I just want an awning that works and will look good. 

Solution: Engineered for ease of use and built to be slim and sleek, the Cassita II Folding Arm is for those who value simplicity. Plus there’s the option to add cool features like LED lights.

cassita awning

Now that you’re armed with a comprehensive guide on which awnings to choose, why they elevate your facade and the benefits of motorisation, you’re ready to chat to our friendly team about getting them for your home.