A Guide to Child Safety and Blinds

Date: January 2020


Kids are naturally curious creatures and always keen to explore. Even within your own home. That’s why it’s so important to make your home safe for wandering little ones.

You might not realise, but there are many safety hazards in homes for children. Sharp table corners, chairs near windows, knife blocks and swinging cupboards—just to name a few. Window furnishings can be another unexpected hazard in the home.

hazards in homes for children

Sadly, there have been a number of serious incidents over the years, as a result of negligence when it comes to blind safety. The long cords on curtains and blinds can provide a strangulation hazard as they are often at a height where toddlers can get tangled.

Now that you’re aware of the dangers when it comes to blinds, what can you do about it? Here’s a guide for everything to do with child safety and window furnishings.

The Law

Since 2010, a regulation was brought in that all new window furnishings must come with warning labels if they present a hazard. However this standard is not retrospective, so furnishings from before 2010 may not have this already. Check your current blind situation to see if this applies to you.

By law, no loose cords or chains can sit unrestrained less than 1600mm from ground level. Any blinds or curtains where this is the case must be installed with a tensioning device. This keeps the cord from hanging loose, where it easily tangles young children.

These regulations have come into effect after serious accidents have occurred, and represent the bare minimum standard when it comes to child safety around blinds in the home. What more can you do to ensure little ones are safe?

solutions for child safety

The Solution

Where curtains are concerned, the best option is to have a wand, or flick stick, to operate the curtains. This removes the need for long cords that can be dangerous and is what we offer with our soft furnishings for this reason.

Shutters are another popular and safe product for your windows as no cords or chains are required to operate them. You can simply tilt the shutters to allow as much shade or light in as you wish—they’re easy enough for kids to even operate.

Perhaps the best choice for both ensuring child safety and maintaining aesthetics is to install motorised blinds. Motorisation has become increasingly popular, with 30% of our roller blind sales now motorised. Clients know it increases safety, ease of use and aesthetics. Even curtains can be automated, which is both safe and looks far neater than having a chain dangling beside a window.

Motorised blinds elevate a modern home; it’s not often that the most child-friendly option is also the most attractive.

To be sure you’re making the best decision when it comes to child safety in the home, reach out to our friendly team. We’ll give you advice on the best products to suit your needs while keeping child safety front of mind.