ASK THE EXPERT: Motorised vs Chain Operated Blinds

Date: January 2018

ARTICLE TYPE: Ask The Experts

What are motorised blinds? How do they work?

Motorised blinds are automated and controlled by remote control or switch.

They can be hard wired or battery operated, and offer a great solution for those looking for greater comfort and ease in using their blinds.

What are chain operated blinds? How do they work?

Chain operated blinds are manually driven blinds controlled by the consumer and operate through pulling a chain to raise or release down.

Can all of Shades’ blinds be motorised?

Basically all window furnishings in our range have some sort or motorised option, and some blinds like rollers blinds have numerous motorisation options.

Are some types blinds better suited to being chain operated? And some motorised?

Motorisation is usually a life style choice as they are much easier to operate and neater in appearance because there are no chains.

However, some blinds need to be motorised for such reasons as size, weight or hard to access areas.

Can exterior blinds be motorised, or just interior?

Majority of exterior blinds are motorised as these blinds are usually larger in size, heavy to operate and in difficult to access areas.

Most exterior motorised blinds will come with some type of wind sensor connected to the remote which will automatically retract the blind in case of sudden high winds.

Why do you use Somfy mechanisms for your motorised blinds?

We have used Somfy motorisation for 10 years or more. We find it incredibly reliable and simple to install.

They are slightly dearer then Chinese versions but are far superior, smoother and quieter. Consumers find Somfy products very easy to operate.

Are motorised blinds noisy? Can the mechanics be hidden?

Almost all motorised blinds can be wired inconspicuously.

Due to the growing popularity, most electricians know how to wire the blinds these days.

Motors are mainly quiet but can be louder with larger products such as folding Arm Awnings or External Venetian Blinds.

Will motorised blinds ware as well as chain operated blinds? Do they require more maintenance?

Our motorised blinds and chain operated blinds all come with a 5 year warranty.

We expect all our products to last 20 years or more.

Motors in blinds are not overly complex and we expect them to ware as well or better then manually operated blinds.

Are motorised blinds suitable for the home as well as commercial properties?

Very suitable for both, especially commercial. Large offices can have timers and settings so the blinds all operate at the same time for a neater appearance.

Chain operated blinds can be used independently and as such can be all staggered and not as tidy on large scale.

What is the process for having motorised blinds installed? How long does it take?

Motorised blinds take a little bit longer to install than chain operated.

When they are installed they will usually require electrical work (if not done prior) and then limits will need to be set so the blinds go up and down to exactly the right position.