Ask the Expert: All About Venetians

Date: December


In this Ask the Expert edition we’re answering all of your most pressing questions about these widely popular and versatile window coverings: Venetian Blinds.

Where do Venetian blinds come from?

Despite the name, it’s thought that Venetian blinds didn’t actually originate in Venice. There are many theories on where they came from, with speculations including Persia, China and Ancient Egypt.

However, it is known that Venetian traders came across the blinds and brought them back to Europe. In 1761 a church in Philadelphia, USA was fitted with Venetian blinds and they’ve remained popular in the West ever since.

timber venetian blinds

What are Venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds are internal window furnishings comprised of horizontal slats. They come in an array of different materials and sizes.

What are the benefits of Venetian blinds?

  • They come in many different materials to suit different styles and budgets.
  • Their slatted nature gives you ultimate control over both light and privacy.
  • There aren’t many situations in the home where Venetian blinds aren’t fitting.
  • Easy to clean as they aren’t made of soft materials.
  • Suitable for almost any sized window.
  • Creating a uniform and consistent look throughout your whole home or office.

Can they be motorised?

Absolutely! With our partner Somfy we are able to motorise your Venetian blinds to create an interior that reflects who you are.

Why would I motorise my Venetian blinds?

Motorising the blinds in your home is safer for children as it removes the need for a cord. It also enables you to control the noise, heat and sunlight in your home.

There are many options for motorising whether it’s using a remote control, wand, tablet, smartphone or even voice assistant. The best bit? It elevates the feel of your home.

Which materials do Venetians come in?


Affordable and sleek. Aluminium Venetians are perfect when considering either residential or commercial uses. They’re particularly beneficial for added light and privacy control if those are your priorities.

Vision Wood

If you like the timber look but you’re prioritising affordability and durability, extruded polymer or “timber look-a-like” is the way to go. They give a similar aesthetic to wood while also complementing a tighter budget.


Whether it’s natural cedar or painted basswood, timber Venetians can create a warm classic feel or a sophisticated contemporary aesthetic. The natural wood surface adds texture to a room’s finishings.

Lacquer, oil or painted, there are a number of finishes to choose from to get the ideal match for your stylistic vision.

venetian blinds in the bathroom

Is timber appropriate for bathrooms?

The choice is yours. We’d recommend either timber with a coating as a suitable option in the bathroom if you’re keen for that style.

Aluminium or extruded polymer would also work particularly well, especially for their durability considering the exposure to heat and humidity in the bathroom.

What about the other rooms in the house?

We’ve found that timber Venetian blinds work particularly well in the bedroom. Bedrooms are likely to receive a lot of light, so Venetians are a great way to have control over this. Plus the timber styling gives warmth and prestige to a master bedroom.

Being easy to clean means they’re also a solid option when choosing blinds for your kitchen.

How do I clean my blinds?

This is one of the great features of Venetians—they’re super easy to clean. Simply use a microfibre cloth to wipe them down, or some water and detergent on a cloth for stains.

cleaning venetian blinds

What sizing do Venetians come in?

Venetian blinds are custom made to fit the sizing you need, so they can come in practically any size.

How do I get them?

Reach out to us for any of your questions or come and visit our showroom in Hawthorn. We’re the experts when it comes to Venetian blinds and we’re always happy to help.