Ask the experts: folding arm awnings

Date: February 2020

ARTICLE TYPE: Ask The Experts

How well do you know your awnings? It doesn’t matter if you can’t tell a folding arm from a zip screen. We’ve asked an expert your most burning awning questions so you can shop with confidence.

What is a folding arm awning, and how is it different to a normal awning?

A folding arm awning offers a flexible shade solution for your home. It is a retractable, cantilevered system with the ability to provide your home with both internal and external shade.

How does a folding arm awning work, and how do I operate it?

The awning can either be manually operated with a removable crank handle, or motorised using a switch or remote.

In which situations would a folding arm awning be more suitable?

They’re perfect for outdoor living areas such as decks, patios or balconies. They would typically be used where you were looking for external shading from the sun to enhance your outdoor living space.

Does the direction of my home (North, South, East, West) affect whether a folding arm awning is appropriate?

Folding arm awnings are most effective on the northern aspect of your home, as they offer the most protection as the sun traverses through the sky overhead from the east to the west.

We’re less likely to recommend installing a folding arm awning on the south side of your home, as you won’t get much sun facing that way. 

How does the weather affect my fold out awning?

They’re typically designed to provide shade in the summer, so we’d recommend retractable awnings to be folded in when rain and wind are forecast.

However, if you are looking for both sun and rain protection, we do have a range of Sun Rain awnings. These have additional cross members for extra strength and use waterproof PVC fabric, making them fit for all weather conditions.

What are the benefits of a folding arm awning?

The folding arm gives you shade and weather control over your outdoor space, making it more enjoyable in a range of situations. You may also see a reduction in cooling and electricity costs, as the awning will keep heat off any glass in your living space.

How do I clean a folding arm awning?

The fabrics are UV-stabilised and coated and treated with a mould and mildew resistant product, so they’re designed to handle the harsh external environment.

If the fabric does get dirty over time, it can be easily cleaned with a high-pressure hose or hand scrub. But that shouldn’t be required for many years after the purchase date.

Which fold out awnings would be good for my outdoor space?

Topas Awning

An affordable, high-quality folding arm awning, this manually-operated or motorised awning is ideal under an eave.

Opal II Awning

A motorised, premium retractable outdoor awning that suits almost any home style. The Opal II Awning hides all fabric and hardware when retracted, giving you stylish and contemporary sun protection.

Kubata Awning

A crisp, cubic folding arm awning that suits any home and is especially suited to contemporary trends. The Kubata is known for its modern look and award-winning design.


The right choice if your existing patio or conservatory needs added protection from sun, glare and heat. Sophisticated design and operation elevates your home’s outdoor living.

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