Ask the experts: perfect plantation shutters

Date: February 2020

ARTICLE TYPE: Ask The Experts

With so many different shutters to choose from you may be scratching your head over the features and benefits of each one. Plantation shutters are by far one of the most popular solutions we offer, and it’s not hard to see why. Curious? We sat down with one of our shutter experts to get the details.

What exactly are plantation shutters? And why are they called ‘plantation shutters’?

Plantation shutters were traditionally constructed from plantation-grown timber. In recent times this has become a generic name for all timber shutters. However, most timber shutters — including ours — are still made from plantation-grown timbers. This is what makes them so sustainable.

What are plantation shutters made from?

They’re made from many timbers including Poplar, Basswood, Phoenix wood and Western Red Cedar.

There are now many other materials used to manufacture shutters including Aluminium, PVC and MDF.

Why sustainable timber? And where do you source it?

Sustainable timber is a responsible product as it replenished after being harvested. This timber can be sourced from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China.

What about kitchens and bathrooms? Is timber still appropriate?

We sell shutters with a Two Pac paint finish making them water resistant much like high-end joinery.

However if the shutters will be submerged or are a shower screen, we would recommend a PVC or aluminum product.

Can they be fitted on any window, interior or exterior?

Our shutters are all custom-made and have many different fitting options. We rarely encounter a window we can’t fit with our shutters.

How do they open and shut? Do they need a lot of space?

Our shutters are typically hinged and operate like doors. If space is limited, we can build in numerous panels or bi-folds to conserve space. You can also magnetise or fit shutters in channels if hinging is not required or there is no room to hinge.

How do you clean plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are very easy to clean. We suggest you look after them like you would a bench top. You can use a duster, vacuum cleaner with soft attachment or a damp cloth with 5% detergent to clean spills or marks.

How can they help to keep heating and cooling costs down?

Plantation shutters are incredibly heat efficient as they are a solid mass and usually sit very close to window glazing.

You can also adjust the angle of the shutter blade to reflect or deflect the sun’s rays to achieve optimum light in your space.

What does the process of having shutters custom made and fitted look like?

Usually a client will make an appointment with one of our experienced sales people to visit their property.

We will go through samples, suggest the best way to install and help with the design and options.

A completely free, no-obligation quotation is then prepared and sent to the client. If the client proceeds we will issue an invoice, ask for a 40% deposit and manufacture the shutters.

After 6-7 weeks the office will contact the client and arrange a convenient time for one of our four highly experienced shutters installers to visit and install the shutters.

The final payment is arranged only once the client is happy.

How long does it take?

The process from ordering to installation usually takes 6-8 weeks. It may seem like a long time, but the shutters are each custom built and come with a 15 year warranty, so we’d rather take the time to get it right for you.

Want to start the process of getting new plantation shutters for your property? Browse the range for yourself, then contact the team to get your own custom-made shutters.