Explained: Why Curtains Have Peaked in Popularity Again

Date: December


Curtains have been around for hundreds of years, but they’ve evolved over time to suit the changes in contemporary styles. Luckily, curtains are no longer just the dust-catching floral affairs that your grandparents used to have.

In recent years curtains have come back in style in a big way. Their popularity can be attributed to a number of trends and domestic choices that we’ve noticed over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the motivators for making curtains one of the most popular choices for interior furnishings.


Contemporary architecture features crisp, clean lines. Modern facades are often cubic and minimalist. Because of this, the soft nature of textiles can contrast and soften the architecture we see in present-day homes.


There is something about curtains that exudes effortless luxury. We’ve found that for the clients hoping to achieve this look in their deluxe homes, curtains are what they go for. They’re reminiscent of the luxury of expensive, clean sheets and comfortable slippers on the weekend.

natural fibres in curtains

Natural Fibres

Natural fibres have been wildly popular for a few years now, as consumers lean towards more organic options. Linen clothing and textiles have made a huge comeback, and the same goes for curtains. We find clients are wanting linen far more now than around ten years ago, in line with the trends of fashion and home styling.


Many interiors in Melbourne opt for a monochromatic aesthetic where white, grey, black and timber are favoured. In this style, layering textures of varying grey tones in the finishes creates a complementing textural and tonal look. Sheer curtains are another step further to elevate the space.


The acoustic properties of curtains mean they can dampen noise. Thicker drapes can help block out noise and reduce echoes in the room.

Large Spaces

For homes with large spaces and ever-growing ceiling heights, curtains are more often required. Tall, sweeping curtains are able to soften these larger open plan spaces.

curtains for large spaces

Wall-to-Wall Glazing

Large spans of glass, or wall-to-wall glazing, is very common with new builds or extensions. While roller blinds have been a popular solution for a number of years, they come with width limitations. The glass panels often exceed the maximum blind width resulting in several roller blinds across one section of glazing, which can look busy. With curtains, we can cover these larger widths with a single curtain for a seamless finish.

Glare Reduction

These stunning large spans of glass naturally result in a lot of glare. We find sheer curtains to be a perfect solution in this scenario as they disperse a beautifully soft, diffused light into the room. Just like they do at the Portsea residence project we worked on.

Portsea residence curtains

Varied Styles

Traditional curtain styles can be quite fussy at the top, but as the curtain has become popular again other styles have been sought after. Our most popular headings are the Ripple Fold and the S Fold. These contemporary style headings are simple and structured; the perfect companion for modern homes. You’re not limited to choice when it comes to curtain styles, which is one of the many reasons why they are so appealing.

All of these motivations have contributed to the rise in popularity of curtains. At Shades in Hawthorn, we’re in the know when it comes to trends and how to work your interior spaces.

When you check out our showroom you’ll be inspired by how different styles could work in your home, and maybe you’ll even join the curtain obsession.