External Venetian Blinds

External Venetian Blinds

Contemporary residences and commercial fit outs can be finished to perfection with our streamlined, external Venetian blinds. Providing a high level of light, heat and privacy control, the modern louvre window treatments are extremely durable and offer a timeless aesthetic from both inside and out.

Ideal for areas exposed to moisture or in spaces where UV rays and glare need to be eliminated, our external venetians provide protection from the elements while allowing for ventilation. They can even be effectively used to close off or open up alfresco areas of your home or commercial space.

Custom-made in Melbourne and Sydney from aluminium, the plantation-style blinds are available in a variety of different colour finishes to suit any application. However, the quality of our external Venetian blinds is not only in our finish, but also the adjustable mechanism.

By offering wireless control, the louvres can easily be adjusted at the touch of a button. Open the Venetian blinds to allow for fresh air to enter your space. Tilt the slats in the desired direction to filter the sunlight. Close them for complete privacy or simply leave them raised for uninterrupted views.

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