How to Choose Blinds for Your Kitchen

Date: December


When the time comes to choose blinds for your kitchen, you’ll see there are many factors at play. You want the window furnishings to be both functional and stylish. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so you want to be happy with whatever you choose.

Our advice is to ask yourself these three questions when it comes to choosing blinds in your kitchen.


Where will they be positioned?


The positioning of the blinds in the kitchen is the first thing that can affect the type of blind you’ll choose.

For blinds that are going to be located near a stovetop, be wary of how dirty they might get from cooking splashback or kids flinging spaghetti to check if it’s ready. If this is a consideration, furnishings that are easily cleaned, such as Plantation Shutters, might be the preferred option.

plantation shutters in kitchen

If the furnishings will be covering a full-length window, you’ll want to consider its safety around children. This consideration won’t necessarily affect the type of furnishing you choose, but it might mean you opt for motorised blinds as an easy solution. This means there won’t be any dangling cords that can tangle small children. It also looks neater overall and adds convenience to a room that can be chaotic at the best of times.

The size, width and placement of the kitchen blinds should all be considered, as this will affect your budget and logistics of the furnishings. Keep these in mind as you ask yourself the next two questions.


What’s their purpose?


When you stop and think about the purpose of the blinds in your kitchen, you might be surprised to uncover they do more than just cover the windows.

Do the windows face north and need to block out the sun? Are they facing the street or your nosy neighbours and you don’t want them peering in? Are you after something to dampen the noise in your kitchen? Do they need to withstand the sticky fingers and wandering hands of small kids?

roller blinds in kitchen

If you want sun-blocking windows, consider Roller Blinds especially tailored to manage sunlight. For an easy-to-close solution for added privacy, perhaps Venetian Blinds are right for you. For their acoustic benefits, consider curtains. And for the ultimate child-proof blind, opt for a motorised shutter.

Now that we’re narrowing your choices down even further, there’s only one question left to ask yourself.


What style is my kitchen?


One of the most exciting things when choosing new blinds is giving new life to your interior design!

It’s fun to be inspired by kitchen styles and see how the blinds you choose can totally transform the look of your kitchen. Often we find clients have a certain look they are trying to achieve where the finishings are a crucial component.

For a rustic look, opt for Plantation Shutters to add character while maintaining privacy and ventilation.

rustic kitchen style

Roller Blinds can work on their own as a clean and simple aesthetic, or paired with elegant drapes for drama and grandeur.

With these three questions answered, you’re ready to choose the best window furnishings for your kitchen. Hopefully, this exercise will have narrowed down your options, and given you a solution that’s practical, enduring and stylish.

For the final decision-making, chat to one of our friendly team members to answer any questions you have and help guide you to your ultimate choice.