External Shutters


Aluminum shutters offer a long-term, quality solution to extreme weather, privacy and security demands. Our external aluminum shutters are powder coated with a choice of 10 colours, maintenance free and come with a 10-year warranty.


For a more classic look we recommend the use of the External grade western red cedar shutters. They can be Stained, Naturally Oiled or custom painted to provide our customers with a beautiful piece of European style.

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Venetian Blinds


External Venetian Blinds offer a modern, sleek look to commercial and residential fit outs. Our external venetian blinds provide a high level of light, heat and privacy control, eliminating UV rays and glare, whilst permitting ventilation. Our range also offers wireless control, allowing for custom automation of the blade angles, at the touch of button.

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Full Cassette Folding Arm Awning

The Como Full-Cassette Awning is marked by a simple, non-obtrusive, rounded rectangle design, representing the top level of folding arm awning luxury. At full retraction all hardware and fabric is concealed inside the casement making for a tidy, minimal look, fit for almost any decor style.

Semi Cassette Folding Arm Awning

Designed in a beautiful oval shape, this awning is perfect for modern architectural design curves. Featuring a range of accessories, it’s easy to upgrade the Garda folding arm awning for maximum functionality. Utilising simple square bar installation, this product fits in a variety of different locations.

Zip Screen Awnings

The Australian designed Zip Screen Awning Range represents the latest in design, styling and functionality providing glare and UV protection, without obstructing the view. With a full suite of awning styles including: Cable Guide, Side Tension Channel (STC), Channel, Straight Drop and Pivot Arm awnings the Zip Screen awning range offers an appealing aesthetic across all products and a solution for all needs.

Classic Awnings

Shades in Hawthorn also offer a large range of classic external awnings such as the Auto Lock Arm, Pivot Arm, Fixed guide and Straight Drop awnings. These awnings can be manufactured with canvas, acrylic, sunscreen or clear PVC fabric, to meet all your awning needs.

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