Why Should I Choose Motorised Blinds?

Date: January 2020


Let’s take a look at the reasons behind choosing motorised blinds for your home.

Picture this: You’re entertaining a group of friends on the porch when rain starts pelting down onto your guests and grazing table. With just a click of your remote, the folding arm awning pulls out. It provides instant shelter and rescues the party. 

folding arm awning

From outdoor entertaining to creating a home cinema, the situations that are improved by motorised window furnishings are endless. The best bit? All of our blinds can be motorised.

A Modern Choice

Motorisation has come a long way since it was first introduced to blinds and homes more generally. Homes can now be almost fully automated. From automatic lights, speakers, smart TVs, to heating and cooling. 

Products like Somfy’s ‘Connexoon’ will find all the motors in your home connected to Somfy over Wi-Fi and let you control everything from a mobile or tablet. With this increase in automation in the home, technology has continued to improve and become more affordable. 

Motorised blinds are now a cornerstone of an automated home. As motorisation has become competitive it has also become cost-effective. This makes it a clear choice for the modern home. 

motorised blinds remote

The Benefits

Aside from being a popular choice for modern homes, you might be wondering what the other benefits are of motorised blinds. 

  • Comfort—Being able to control your window furnishings with a simple click of a button, a wave of a wand or using your phone means peak comfort for you and your family.
  • Acoustics—Easily manage the sound levels within your home with the unparalleled acoustic performance of motorised blinds.
  • EnergySun sensors can trigger motorised blinds to help control the temperature within your home, ultimately saving on heating and cooling energy spending.
  • Aesthetics—Create your own tailored level of privacy, ambience and vibe in every room of your home. Plus motorised blinds create a neater aesthetic as there’s no need for chains.

Simple Installation

The choice of installation makes fitting motorised blinds far easier than you’d expect. When there’s a new build or a renovation, the blinds can be hard-wired. This requires electrical work, and with our guidance in marking up where cables are required, the electrician will handle the rest. Once it’s hard-wired, you’re set!

Another very popular choice is to install battery-operated blinds. These use rechargeable lithium batteries, which last 6-12 months between charging and are as powerful as traditional hard-wired motors. This also means they come at a lower cost and are easy to retrofit to older homes without a complete renovation. 

motorised blinds

The Choice is Yours

Once you’ve decided on motorised blinds, your next choice is the supplier. Premium brands are more affordable than ever and far more reliable than cheap imitations. Although an imitation brand may seem cheaper at first, in the long run, the more durable product ultimately saves you money.

Choosing a premium brand gives you peace of mind that you’ve chosen a quality product that comes with a 5-year warranty and is tested to last 20 years or more with daily use. We’ve worked with Somfy for over 10 years and know that together we deliver high-quality products that last. 

Products such as our folding arm awnings, cable guided awning and external Venetian blinds are predominantly motorised, but everything we sell can be motorised. The ease of installation for any home, plus the feeling of comfort you can’t put a price on, makes them an attractive addition to any home. Reach out to us to find out how you can elevate your home with motorised window furnishings.